Series 35 Evaporative Cooled Chillers

Product Overview

Technical Systems Evaporative Condenser Chillers are able to dramatically reduce your energy and installation costs. Series 35E2 chillers are 30-40% more energy efficient than air cooled chillers, yet because they are a single piece package, they do not have the high installation costs of traditional water cooled systems. By including both high efficiency operation and a built to order factory tested solution, 35E2 Chillers reduce your utility costs, are easier and faster to install, and provide the best return on your investment.

Product Literature

Product Details


    • ETL certified unit label
    • NEMA 3R panel with UL 508 label
    • Initial operating charge of R-134a refrigerant and POE oil
    • Digital microprocessor controller with display screen and keypad
    • Electrical phase failure and over / under voltage protection
    • Refrigerant leak detector and ventilation system per ASHRAE 15
    • Forced draft low sound condenser fans
    • Variable speed fan motor control for part load efficiency
    • High efficiency rotary screw compressors optimized for evaporative condensing
    • Heavy gauge steel cabinetry with primed and painted exterior
    • Factory verification testing under applied artificial load
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