Series 10 Air Cooled Condensers

Series 10 Air Cooled Condensers

Product Overview

Technical Systems’ Series 10 air cooled condensers have been specifically designed for commercial and industrial duty applications and to meet your needs.  The Series 10 can be rated for all refrigerants, including R-22, 407c, 134a, and 410a. These units can be provided with multiple refrigerant circuits in one cabinet, and each refrigerant circuit can be matched to a different sized compressor if required. True sub-cooling can be integrated with the condenser coil and each Series 10 unit is available with a single point power connection.  Our ability to specifically engineer equipment for a wide range of applications combined with our expertise in manufacturing custom equipment means Technical Systems can provide limitless solutions for your needs.

Product Literature

Product Details


    • Industrial-duty 1140 rpm ODP motors with inherent electrical protection
    • Steel or aluminum blades, depending on model size
    • Seamless 1/2” copper tubes expanded into and permanently bonded with aluminum fins that have no more than 14 FPI
    • Condenser coils in galvanized steel frames
    • Cabinets constructed of heavy-gauge G-90 galvanized steel panels and formed structural members
    • Fan motors wired to junction box
    • Easy access and service via removable panels
    • Fully assembled unit
    • ETL unit certification

    • Protective grills
    • Fused fan motor contactors
    • Completely enclosed fan motor for corrosive or hazardous-duty applications
    • Fan circuit breaker
    • Corrosion resistant fin and coil combinations: copper fins, acrylic fins, phenolic coated fins, or Electrofin coatings
    • Disconnect switch (fused or non-fused for single point connections)
    • Multiple circuiting to allow for multiple compressors in a single housing
    • Sub-cooling (utilizes a separate sub-cooling coil integrated with the condenser coil)
    • Receiver options, factory mounted and piped or as a separate item (UL/ASME certified)
    • Fan cycling (down to 20°F) with mounted fused fan motor contactors
    • B20 flood control with receivers
    • Mounted control circuit transformer
    • Alarm circuit with horn
    • Phase failure/under voltage protection
    • Microprocessor (PLC) controls that interface with common building control systems
    • Painted cabinet (enamel)
    • Acoustic/low-sound packages

    • Higher capacity available; contact factory for details.
    • Stainless steel cabinet construction for corrosive environments
    • Industrial coil options for extremely corrosive or high-temperature process environments
    • Acoustical performance packages custom selected for your requirements
    • Variable frequency drive (VFD) fan speed control based on fluid temperature
    • Extended leg height for ease of service
    • Circuit breakers in lieu of fuses
    • Oversized condenser coils for high ambient conditions
    • Custom equipment sizes for unique space requirements

    • 1.5 to 185 tons depending on conditions of service
    • Larger capacity available; contact factory for details
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