Heat and cool buildings using 100% electrical power.

Innovative Performance

The efficiency of a heat pump is measured using the Coefficient of Performance (COP). This is a ratio of the equipment’s “heat output/power (kW) input”. To achieve a high level of performance, meaning that the unit can produce a greater amount of heat with its given (electrical) power source, a high COP is necessary. FossilX provides up to 20 – 30% higher COP than traditional commercial heat pumps.

Cutting Edge Refrigeration

Global Warming Potential (GWP) is a measurement that compares the ability of a gas to be absorbed into the atmosphere in comparison to Carbon Dioxide (CO2). The higher the GWP, the more that the given gas warms the Earth compared to CO2. To achieve a low GWP, meaning that the unit emits fewer harmful gasses into the atmosphere, cutting-edge refrigerants are required. FossilX is engineered to reduce GWP by up to 20 -30%.

FossilX Capabilities

FossilX is a multipurpose heat pump designed for both independent and simultaneous heating and cooling.

  • Low temperate (LT) unit capable of heating fluid to 125°F.
  • High temperature (HT) unit capable of heating fluid to 170°F.
  • The FossilX heating COP is designed to be up to 20-30% greater than traditional commercial heat pumps currently on the market.
  • Both FossilX units produce consistent heat output, at a full range of ambient temperatures at and below -10°F.
  • Both units provide integral redundancy & adapt to varying levels of cooling & heating loads.
FossilX Heating Mode
FossilX Cooling Mode
FossilX Heating Mode

Product Overview:

  • Fully heat and cool buildings using 100% electrical power.
  • Multi-circuit design provides integral redundancy & adapts to varying levels of cooling & heating loads.
  • Supplying the industry with the best range of hot water temperatures from 75° F to 170° F.
  • Single system provides chilled fluid, hot fluid, or both simultaneously.
  • Industry-leading efficiency with the highest heating COP available today.
  • Designed to be compact, yet easily serviced and maintained.
  • Manufactured in the United States of America using commonly available parts.